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What is super soft fabric? What are the main components of super soft fabric?

source:Changshu Hongrun knitting textile Co., Ltd  |  Release time:2022年03月18日

The super soft fabric is a general single-sided brushed fabric, which is similar to coral fleece, but the process is a bit different, and the hand feel is very soft. I hope it can help you. Short plush is a kind of short plush (the latest variety).


The short plush series products are widely used in clothing, luggage, shoes and hats, toys and other fields. The warp density is smaller and the weft density is larger, so that the weft yarns appear on the surface, which is conducive to the formation of plump and uniform fluff for the weft yarn cotton fibers. Super soft fabrics have achieved good sales results in both foreign trade and domestic factories with low price and good quality. A new type of fabric, used for making clothes, or bedding, etc., is more comfortable.

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